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High Quality Videocamera & Audio Cases  for Professionals

Made In Vermont, USA

Welcome to  S T R U T  C A S E S

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**AUDIO CASES: Zoom F8, H4n*, H4n Pro, H5*, H6*;
Tascam DR 701D, DR60D, DR100 MKIII*, DR70, DR 70D Pro, DR40*, DR44*;
New Sound Devices Mix Pre-6 and MixPre-3

*Available with or without permanently attached windscreen.

GTC-3U  & GTC-6U






In my twenty third year designing camera cases, and the 12th year as Strut Cases, it is great to talk to you about what is new in our line.

Camera cases- we took a hard look at our GTC-3 and GTC-6 cases for shoulder mounted cameras and decided to take camera protection to a new level. Because viewfinders are so vulnerable to snags in doorways or unexpected crashes of all types, we are introducing our Cage Technology. Our Cage system takes camera protection to a new level.

Audio Cases- Since we developed the case business for the hand-held recorder market, we have been in the constant improvement mode. We decided early on that we were not just making recorder cases, we arejohn dvt4w.strap100dpi sm working to give you as much flexibility as possible for working in the field. We developed the wrap at the very beginning and it has been refined to be a multi-function tool. We replaced as much velcro as possible with quiet zippers and are pleased with the results. We developed the Sound Assist to give you the option to expand the use of your favorite recorder to accommodate wireless receivers, ipad, iphone, hand-held mic, and tools, all in one place. Meanwhile units like the Tascam DR-60D and 70D have pushed the market in another direction and Strut has been there to help professionals work with these new tools effectively. Look inside to see the many custom features you can only get here at Strut.

“All cases are NOT created equal.”


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